Our model feature enables you to create inter-company elimination entries. We're using revenue in this example, but it can be done for any type of elimination.

First, you'll need to add a new company to your budget, which will be your elimination company. Also, add a "Revenue" group to it (use the "+" sign at the top of your tree):

Then, from the model tab, add a new model and name it:

Now, add a new model line to your model:

This model line will retrieve all the budget lines you need to eliminate. Name it, and in the "Model type" field select "Take from budget". In the "Budget line" field select all the budget lines you'd like to eliminate, and set your "Use" field to "P&L". 

Now, add a second model line, which will calculate the elimination budget line. Name it, and press the Fx button to open the formula assistant:

In the formula assistant, add a formula which multiplies your first model line by -1:

Click "Done" to exit the assistant. In the "Type" dropdown select the appropriate currency. Then, click the "Add to Budget" button:

In the popup, select to add your model line to the "Revenue" group in the elimination company you created, and click confirm:

You're done! Set your P&L sheet to show all companies in order to review the elimination you created:

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