Dimensions that exist in Sage Intacct are created automatically when you import your actuals from Intacct into Sage Intacct Planning (SIP).

However, if you create new dimensions in SIP, they do not automatically sync with Intacct, and you need to map them manually. After you complete this procedure, the new dimensions are available when you import future budgets and are mapped correctly in SIP.

To map a new SIP dimension to an existing dimension in Intacct:

  1. Add a new dimension to your budget in SIP, as described in Add new dimensions and dimension values to your budget.

  2. From the Actuals>Mapping>Dimensions tab, select + Add dimension value.

  3. Select Create a dimension value. Fill in a Financial ID and Financial Name, and select the new Dimension and Dimension value.

  4. In the Inputs>Main tab, assign the new dimension value to a budget line and click Save Now.

  5. Export your budget to Intacct, as described in Export your budget data to an existing budget in Intacct.

  6. From the Actuals>Mapping tab, select Dimensions.

The new dimension is ready for you to use in SIP and is correctly mapped in Sage Intacct.

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