First, go to the "Actuals accounts" sub menu in the "Actuals" tab, and enter the account ID (or IDs) which correspond to your budget lines. You can use copy paste from your spreadsheet to copy multiple accounts at once:

Then, click the "Import data" option on the right corner:

Select the spreadsheet you'd like to import from. In the first step of the import process, select the sheet you'd like to import from, and the type of report (can't find yours? Let us know and we'll quickly add it to the list!):

Click next. Now, select the header row, and the column with the name of the imported actuals lines:

Click next, and now select the columns which hold the data you're going to import. Make sure to select your "Actuals account" column, and at least one month of actuals data:

Click next. We will now identify all the lines according to their account IDs. If needed, you can unselect / select lines, and change their mapping to a budget line, or to report type, using the drop down menus:

Click next to preview, click import, and you're done! You can now see your actuals in your sheets:

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