The Sage Intacct Planning (SIP) Community is where you can engage with other users of the SIP application, as well as SIP subject matter experts. You can access the SIP Community website directly from the SIP application.

Access to the SIP Community lets you:

  • Connect with colleagues and share your questions

  • Learn more about SIP

  • Submit your ideas and suggestions

You can also link to and search for knowledge base articles and log or view your support cases.

Visit the community

From your user profile dropdown in SIP, select Community. If you’re not logged into the Community, log in with the username and password you used to register. Then click the Community link again to navigate directly to the SIP community group.

If you’ve previously logged in, you’ll be navigated directly to the SIP community group.


Self-register to the Sage Intacct community

If you are new to the community, self-registration to the Sage Intacct Community is the first step. Before you begin, ensure you have your company Email address, Customer ID, and Company ID. If you don't know your customer and company IDs, contact your Sage Intacct Account Manager. For more information on registering, see Community and support in your Sage Intacct Help Center.

For further questions, email the SIP Community support team at [email protected].

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