We at Sage Intacct Planning (SIP) understand that when working on your budget, your budget lines must be displayed in a way that is clear and familiar to you. We also understand that what works for some people doesn’t work for others. Therefore, SIP allows you to choose how to display your budget tree.

The different budget tree views give you the option to display your budget line names by name only, by the account numbers that are mapped to them, or both. Additionally, you can select to display your budget lines without a hierarchy. Pick a display based on your personal preferences.

Select your budget tree view

SIP offers multiple budget tree displays to choose from. You can easily alternate between the different views at any time. When you log in again to SIP, the last budget tree view that you used is automatically displayed.


From the dropdown above the search bar in your budget tree, select from the following views:

  • Budget Lines: Displays your budget tree with the budget line names and the account number(s) that are mapped to them in parentheses.

  • Account & Name: Display your budget tree with the mapped account numbers and budget line name.

  • Account: Displays your budget tree with the mapped account numbers only. If there is no account mapped to the budget line, the budget line name is displayed instead.

  • Leaf level: Displays your budget lines without a hierarchy and the budget group lines are not listed. This view lists your budget lines using a familiar Excel-like “look and feel”.

📝 Drag & drop of budget lines is disabled in the Leaf level view.

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