Release 8.0.0 of Sage Intacct Planning (SIP) included new features and improvements.

What’s new

Create a budget and import data from your ERP solution with the SIP Planning Wizard

Now you can easily enter data from any Excel file format with the SIP Planning Wizard! The Planning Wizard guides you through creating your budget with built-in intelligence and an intuitive user experience - minimizing the manual work necessary to import your data, add dimensions, and recognize and map your data to your budget in SIP.

With minimal manual preparation, you can plan your budget structure and account data format, add dimensions for greater flexibility and detailed reporting, and map your account data to your budget hierarchy in SIP.

Read more about the Planning Wizard here.

View your GL accounts in the Actuals tab

If you have accounts with errors, such as missing budget line mappings or missing dimensions in a multiple budget line mapping type, these accounts are automatically listed first in the mapping table and highlighted in red.

Read more about account visibility in SIP here.

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