Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I can’t see a budget that I previously had access to; how do I regain access?

A. All budgets were migrated during this update. If you don’t have access to a budget you previously had access to, first check to see if you need to switch companies in the dropdown menu to the left of your profile name in the top-right corner of the application.

If you don’t see your budget after reviewing all the companies that you have access to, please contact the Support Team.

Q. Why are there consultants and Sage employees listed in the User Management screen?

A. When working with a partner, support, or a member of our Professional Services team they’ll be granted access to at least one of your budgets. To provide improved visibility to who has access to your budgets, these users are now visible in your User Management screen. They also have the ability to remove user access.

As consultants and Sage employees, you can also set an expiration date when access to your budget(s) is automatically revoked.

Q. Do consultants and Sage employees users count against my license count?

A. No

Q. How can I share a full or a partial part of the budget with someone?

A. The process to share a full or partial part of any budget remains the same. However, users must be added as a user first before they can be added to a budget. To add a new user, follow these steps.

Q. I have access to multiple Sage Intacct Planning (SIP) companies, how do I switch between them?

A. Budgets are now associated not only with your user but also with their associated company. If you have access to multiple SIP companies, you now have a dropdown menu to the left of your profile name in the top-right corner of the application where you can switch to a different company to which you have access.

Switching between companies changes which budgets are available to you.

Q. I'm a partner, how do I create a budget for my client?

Budgets are now associated with companies, so before creating a budget you must ensure that you appear as a user in your client's company. To do this, your client must add you to their company via the Administration page of their application.

Q. How do I change the name or email of a Sage Intacct Planning (SIP) user?

A. It’s currently not possible for an administrator to change someone's name or email address in the system. You can either:

  1. Delete the original user account and create a new account with the new email/name. After which you will also have to re-share any budget you had previously shared with them.

  2. The affected user can navigate to My Profile and change the details themselves.

Q. When should I use the different User Types?

A. You will most often use the Customer user type. The Customer is a user with whom you’ll want to share one or more of your budgets and is a colleague of yours. Use Contractor when you need a partner, or a member of the Sage Professional Service team to work with you during implementation and beyond. Finally, if you are working with a Support Team member that needs access to a budget to troubleshoot an issue with you, choose the Support type option.

Q. What happens when an Expiration Date is reached?

A. When the expiration date associated with a Support or Consultant user type is equal to the current date, the user will be set to inactive and will no longer have access to your application. To regain access, set the user's account to activate and update the expiration date to a date in the future.

Q. Does the Administrator, User or both, get notified when an Expiration Date is reached?

A. No

Q. Why do some of my users show a status of Pending?

A. When a user is added to your application they are sent an email to authenticate their email address. Between the user being added and the time they authenticate their email address, their status is set to Pending.

Q. How can I re-send a user the validation email if they no longer have the original email?

A. To resend a validation email the affected user should complete the process for a user that has forgotten their password, they can do this by navigating to and follow the onscreen prompts.

Q. What does the Owner tag mean for some of my users?

A. The Owner tag associated with a user in the User Management screen dictates who can manage users in your company via the Administration.

Q. I’m trying to make one of my users an Owner but I’m getting an error, why?

A. You can have up to two users tagged as Owners in your application. If you already have two, you will have to remove the Owner setting from one of the other users before re-assigning it.

Q. How do I reset the password for one of my users?

A. To reset a user password, have the user navigate to and follow the onscreen prompts.

Q. What are the minimum password requirements for Sage Intacct Planning (SIP)?

A. The minimum password requirements for Sage Intacct Planning (SIP) are at least 8 characters long and must contain both letters & numbers.

Q. Why don’t I have the Administration option from the drop-down menu?

A. The Administration option in your application is only visible to up to two Primary Administrators. If you’re not a Primary Administrator and you need to be, you will need to have one of the other Primary Administrators in your account assign that role to you. If the Primary Administrator no longer works for your company, please contact your Sage Account Manager or reach out to our Support Team.

Q. The name of my company is incorrect, how can I correct this?

A. If the name of your company is incorrect, please reach out to our Support Team to correct it for you.

Q. Why do I get notified "This email exists on SIP" when I try to add someone that already exists in the system?

A. There may be occasions when a user that you are trying to add already exists in our system but not in your application. When this happens the user account won’t be re-created, instead, they will be mapped to your company.

Q. The Audit log only shows changes to users. Why aren’t other application changes shown in the Audit Log?

A. The Audit Log under the Administration area is the beginning of the new centralized audit of all areas of the application. User Management is the first area to be tracked here, while other areas of the application will be added over the coming months.

Q. The registration URL of no longer works?

A. With the improved user management functionality the registration URL is no longer active. Please have someone with access to your company SIP Administration page add the user to the application.

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