Release 6.3.0 of Sage Intacct Planning (SIP) included a new feature and resolved a number of bug fixes.

What's new

Increased visibility to your budget data

In continuing with our efforts to improve how you build and populate your budget structure in SIP, you can now download the list of data that hasn’t been included in your about-to-be budget.

Why is this helpful? Now, you can easily see and understand why some of your data isn’t included in your budget. This also gives you the opportunity to rethink the way you’ve defined your budget structure to accompany your data in Intacct. Once you download and view the list of transactions, you can decide to:

  • Redefine your budget structure from the wizard,

  • Continue with your structure as is, or

  • Go back to Intacct, update your data, and start again.

Click Download the list to see the list of transactions that won't be imported to your budget. The Excel file displays the data from Intacct based on the data you chose to populate your budget, but that did not match your budget and dimensional hierarchy. For instance, if you created your budget for a single entity rather than for all of the entities in your company, the displayed data is relevant only for the selected entity.

The Source column represents whether the data from Intacct is retrieved from the budget amount data or from the actuals amount data for the reporting period.

To understand why data isn’t imported, click on read why this is happening to access the SIP Help Center for more information.

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