Release 5.2.0 of Sage Intacct Planning (SIP) included new features, feature enhancements, and resolved a number of bug fixes.

What’s new

Copy and paste formulas in model lines

Why duplicate entire model lines when you can copy and paste? You can copy and paste an argument or equation from the formula editor of a model line and paste it to other model lines within the same model, or between models of the same working budget or scenario.

For more information on copying and pasting model line formulas, see Copy and paste model line formulas.

More new interface enhancements when you import your budget data from MS Excel

In continuation to Sage Intacct Planning (SIP) release 5.1.0, additional new enhancements have been added to the user interface to provide a more “user-friendly” experience:

Filter and select the data that’s relevant to your budget

Want to import only the data that’s relevant to your budget? Now you can filter the data you want to import from Excel. Click on Enable filters from the vertical ellipsis icon menu.

Click on the dropdowns of the columns that contain the data you want to filter by and select the values you need for your budget. The filter icon appears in the header of each data column you filter.

Preview your data before you import

The Preview pane has been refreshed to display a more prominent % Change column. The % Change column lets you increase or decrease your budget line values by adding a change percentage to your budget line. The Preview lets you better predict what your data from Excel looks like before you import it to your budget.

Success on completion

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