Copy and paste allows you to duplicate equations from one model line to another and relieves you from having to duplicate and make manual updates to other aspects of a model line that you don’t need. You can copy and paste an argument or equation from the formula editor of a model line and paste it to other model lines within the same model, or between models of the same working budget or scenario.

📝 If you copy a formula in a scenario and switch to a different scenario where you create another copy, the copy in the former scenario is erased. However, if you don’t create a copy in the latter scenario, the copy in the former remains. Similarly, if you copy a model line formula in your working budget and then switch from your working budget to a scenario (or vice versa), the copy remains in your working budget, even if you’ve created a copy in the scenario.

If you have at least one argument in the formula editor of the model line, the copy icon appears. Click to copy the formula:

Once you copy a formula, the paste icon appears. Click to paste the formula to the desired model line:

📝 Invalid calculations are underlined in red, but can still be copied and pasted.

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