Release 4.15.0 of Sage Intacct Planning (SIP) included new features and resolved a number of miscellaneous issues and bug fixes.

What’s new in this release

Previously when you imported employee-related GL accounts from Sage Intacct to SIP, accounts related to salaries and benefits, like health insurance, benefits, or additional compensation, were identified by SIP and mapped, by default, directly to the Salary & Wages budget group line in your budget hierarchy. To break down the accounts mapping by specific categories, you could manually map the accounts to specific categories within the Salary & Wages budget group line.

Now, when you import employee-related GL accounts from Intacct that have assigned categories in the account description (like benefit, compensation, 401(k), or fringe), the categories are identified by SIP and the accounts are automatically mapped to the Salary & Wages group budget line with the associated category. This automatic mapping to categories within the Salary & Wages group is completely transparent to you as a user. When you import actuals or add values, the amounts appear in their respective categories.

SIP uses the account description from Intacct to map the account to the budget line category. When there’s no match between the categories, the account is mapped to the Salary & Wages budget line group (without a category). When there’s more than one match, the account is mapped according to the first word of the account description that matches. For example, an account with the account description Benefits - Compensation or Benefits - 401(k) is mapped to Salary & Wages - Benefits.

SIP uses the following account mapping rules:

If your account description contains the following categories in Intacct

Map to category in the S&W budget group line in SIP

Salary, Salaries, Payroll, Wages, Employee advance, Employee loan

Salary & Wages - Salaries

Benefit, Compensation, 401(k), Fringe

Salary & Wages - Benefits

Bonus, Bonuses

Salary & Wages - Bonuses


Salary & Wages - Vacation days

Withholding tax

Salary & Wages - Employment taxes

Integration with Sage Intacct's new API

In support of Sage Intacct's migration to a new API, companies that have existing and new budgets using budget Balance Sheets will be displayed with period balances, instead of cumulative balances.

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