Previously when you created model lines in models using data taken from your budget, the budget amounts appeared as absolute values. In other words, negative amounts appeared as positive, which could potentially cause calculation issues when you model credit amounts, add revenue discounts or bad debt.

To accommodate negative amounts from your budget:

1. From the Inputs > Model tab, click +Add Model Line.

2. Add a model line name in the Name field.

3. From the Model type dropdown, choose Take from budget.

4. To display the amounts as an absolute value, select the checkbox Use absolute values.

๐Ÿ“ The Use absolute value checkbox for new model lines is unchecked by default, and all values are displayed with their natural sign.

Negative amounts in existing model lines, however, are displayed with absolute values (i.e. the checkbox is selected by default). To display and calculate negative amounts, deselect the Use absolute value checkbox.

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