With Sage Intacct Planning (SIP), you can share your budget in its entirety, or share parts of your budget with others in your company. You can share as View only, or you can allow others to modify selected areas of your budget details.

Sharing a budget enables easy collaboration with other users. Shared users just need to refresh the app and the shared budget is up-to-date and identical to all.

📝 Users must be added first as company users before you can share a budget with them. For more information, see Application and user management.

Sharing parts of a budget is very useful when you need to share certain parts of the budget with different users. For example, you can share a department with a department head, an expense group with a project manager, or a subsidiary with a company owner.

Share a budget

  1. Do one of the following:

  • To share your entire budget, click the share icon from the menu bar.

  • To share part of your budget, click Share from the ellipsis dropdown next to the group or line that you want to share.

    When you share a portion of your budget with other company users, the budget title of the shared portion contains the overall budget name in parenthesis. This helps others collaborating on your budget distinguish between their own budgets to those that have been partially shared with them.

    📝 All children of the selected parent budget line are automatically shared, too.

2. Click [email protected] and enter the email of one of your users.

3. Select one of the sharing methods: Can view or Can modify.

4. If you selected Can modify, click Advanced and select if you are sharing the actual working budget or a scenario. If you are sharing a scenario, select the scenario to share.

📝 When sharing a full budget (from the root level) with Can modify permissions, all models are automatically shared too. When sharing part of a budget with Can modify permissions, you have the option to select which models you want to include.

5. If you selected Can view, click Advanced and select from the many sharing options displayed. This is where you can limit what others can view by excluding items such as employee data, specific budget lines, or specific sheets.

6. When you finish filling out the advanced options, click Send to send an email with a link to the shared budget. The email appears in the Users who already share this budget with you: list.

7. If you are sharing with more than one person, continue to enter additional emails and click Send one at a time. The additional emails appear in the Users who already share this budget with you: list.

8. When you finish, click Done to close the window. The share icon appears at the top level of the budget lines that you have shared. If you shared the entire budget, the icon appears at the root level of the budget.

Change or remove share permissions

  1. From the shared budget group or budget line, click Share from the ellipsis dropdown. The list of users with shared access to this budget appears.

2. To change the user permissions from Can modify to Can view, or vice versa, in the user’s row, click Can Modify or Can View from the dropdown, and select the level of permissions you want. Click Done.

3. To completely remove user access, hover on the user name line and click Revoke access. Click Delete to confirm.

4. If a user has not yet opened the invitation, you can cancel the invitation by clicking Delete invitation in the user’s row.

For guidelines on what happens to your share settings when you revert to a previous budget version, see Revert a shared budget.

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