So you exported your budget from Sage Intacct Planning (SIP) to Sage Intacct. The budget export appears to be a success, but your data in Intacct is, in fact, incomplete. What went wrong and how can you be sure your data is complete the next time?

Budget lines aren’t mapped to GL accounts

When you use the Export budget wizard, you are prompted to map your budget lines in SIP to corresponding valid GL accounts in Intacct.

Missing account mappings can occur if:

  • A budget line isn't mapped to an account (you may have skipped this step)

  • Mapping exists, but the account doesn't exist in Sage Intacct or is inactive

  • Mapping exists, but the Sage Intacct account has an account type unsupported by SIP (like Balance Sheet)

If there are budget lines in your export that aren't mapped to accounts in Intacct, you'll be prompted to update them. This step, however, isn’t mandatory. If you choose to skip this step during the export, the budget lines aren’t mapped and are, therefore, not exported.

To avoid missing budget line/account mappings before you begin the export budget process, go to the Sheets > Profit & Loss or Sheets > Balance sheet views and select No Account from the Accounts filter. Once you find the budget lines that aren’t mapped, you can map them to the accounts you have in the Actuals > Mapping tab.

If mapping exists in SIP, but your account:

  • doesn’t exist in Intacct

  • is inactive in Intacct

  • has an incorrect account type

Consider taking the appropriate steps in Intacct to remedy the situation.

Budget lines are missing the location dimension

If you are working with multi-entity companies in Intacct, the Location dimension is required and is automatically selected when you export your budget from SIP. If there are budget lines that are missing locations, you can map them using the Export budget wizard. Otherwise, the budget lines with missing location dimensions are not exported to Intacct.

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