Release 4.11.0 of Sage Intacct Planning (SIP) included new features and resolved a number of miscellaneous issues and bug fixes.

What’s new in this release

Ability to select all dimensions hierarchy

You asked us to improve the way you can work with dimensions when you create a budget using your Sage Intacct data, and we listened.

Dimensions in Sage Intacct are often hierarchical and can be up to several levels deep. Now, when you create your budget, you can view the entire dimensions hierarchy from Intacct in the Import dimensions step of the wizard and choose which dimensions you want to use to structure your budget in the Your budget structure step.

Drag & drop up to 4 dimensions in your budget structure

That’s not all! Now, you can also drag and drop up to a total of four levels of dimensions and sub-dimensions when you set up your budget structure in SIP.

A preview of your budget structure is displayed in the Modify your budget structure window, depending on how you’ve set up your budget structure. And you can expand and collapse your view as you see fit.

How many budget lines do you have in your budget?

Sometimes you get so busy creating and populating your budget with data, you may lose track of keeping with the recommended maximum number of budget lines in your budget. Need to see how many budget lines you have in your budget? Simply click on the Setup guide icon and the Budget structure step.

Improved dimensions mapping table design

We have a new and easier mapping table design! To support the changes you requested for more dimensions in your budget hierarchy, we’ve also improved the design of the dimensions mapping table for ease of use.

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