Last updated: August 17, 2020

You can get started working with models more quickly in Sage Intacct Budgeting and Planning by importing model lines from your Excel spreadsheet.

💡 Download the Model lines Excel CSV file to assist you with preparing the model lines data you intend to import to Budgeting and Planning from Excel.

To import model lines from Excel:

1. From the Inputs > Model tab, click on the ellipsis menu of your model and select Import.

2. Locate the Excel file from which you want to import model lines and drag the file to the upload window, or click on the link to browse for the file you want to import.

3. Select the relevant sheet from the Excel file, the header row which serves as the column names and the main column which serves as the model line names. These selections are made automatically by Sage Intacct Budgeting and Planning but you can change them manually. Click Next.

4. From the Data tab, select the specific data rows to import, or select all. The selected rows appear as model lines in Budgeting and Planning. Click Next.

5. Select the data columns to import and choose where to map the data in Budgeting and Planning from the dropdown. You can map the data to either an amount field and choose a date, if necessary, or a comments field. Click Next.

6. Preview the data before you import it into your budget. When you’re finished, click Import.

The model lines are added to your model as Same amount/formula every month or as Various amounts and can be edited. An Input label appears on the imported model lines to differentiate them from model lines that are manually entered and calculated from other model lines and assumptions.

You can use the same Excel file to import additional model lines to the same or a different model in the same budget. Your previous model line selections are saved and highlighted in yellow.

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