Sage Intacct Budgeting and Planning offers you the option to view GL accounts next to your budget line names. You can view account numbers in inputs, tables, reports, and more.

Budgeting and Planning also simplifies the way you manage your GL accounts from the Accounts mapping table. From the Actuals > Mapping tab, you can add accounts, map them to your budget lines, and edit them as well.

Manage the GL accounts display option

Your GL accounts are displayed in all new and existing budgets by default. You can choose to hide or re-display them at any time.

To manage the display of your GL accounts:

1. Click the Settings ⚙ icon from the Inputs or Actuals view.

2. In the General tab of your budget Settings window, go to the Show general ledger accounts option and choose in what views (Inputs and/or Sheets) you want to display GL accounts.

3. Click Save to keep your changes and exist your budget settings.

Show your GL accounts in the Inputs tab

When you choose Show general ledger accounts in Inputs, you can see your GL accounts in the following views.

Inputs > Main view

From the Inputs > Main view, you can see all of the GL accounts that are linked to each budget line in your budget tree and in the budget line editing pane.

Click on the GL account hyperlink in the editing pane of the budget line to jump to the Accounts mapping table in the Actuals > Mapping tab. The accounts mapping table is filtered to show the specific account number(s) that are mapped to the budget line that you clicked on from the editing pane.

Inputs > Tables view

From the General Fields tab of the Inputs > Tables view, you can see your budget tree structure in a table. You can also filter the table by accounts. The GL accounts are displayed with the full budget line path in the dropdown menu.

Show your GL accounts in the Sheets tab

When you choose Show general ledger accounts in Sheets, you can see your GL accounts in the Cash, Profit & Loss and Bookings views. All of the views are similar to each other and you can filter your view by GL accounts as shown in the Sheets > Cash view.

📝 The GL accounts are also displayed when you create a report in Excel or PDF.

Show your GL accounts in the Actuals tab

From the Actuals > Summary tab, you can see your GL accounts in the Cash and Profit & Loss views.

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