With Sage Intacct Planning (SIP), you can easily modify your budget and add new budget groups and lines to your existing budget structure.

Let’s say that you’ve already built your budget and you want to add a new QA department to your budget in your company’s Texas location. 

Create a budget group 

To begin, create a new group of budget lines for your new QA department.

1. From the  Inputs > Main tab, click on the + icon where you want to add your new budget group. For this example, we’re going to add your new QA department under Texas, so click on the + icon to the right of Texas.

2. In the new line that’s displayed, choose Group from the dropdown, type QA in the name field, and click on the checkmark (✔) to add the group budget line to your budget.

3. From the popup window, you can choose to add budget lines for employee data and you can create new budget lines for other expenses (in this case) in your group, or import them from Excel (see Import employee data from MS Excel and How to import data from Microsoft Excel). If you don’t need to create or import new lines, click Exit. You can always add budget lines at a later time by simply clicking on the + icon next to the budget group name. 

If you decide that you want to group several existing budget lines, simply create a new group, click Exit from the wizard, and drag and drop the existing lines into the group.

Add a new dimension value

Once you’ve created a new budget group, you can add new dimension values to a dimension by manually typing the value directly in the dimension field from the Inputs > Main tab. For example, if you type in the new dimension value QA in the Department dimension and the value doesn’t currently exist in your budget, it is added as shown.

💡 Alternatively, you can add new dimensions and dimension values to your budget from the Dimensions settings when you click the Settings icon in the Inputs or Actuals tabs. See Dimensions in Sage Intacct Planning (SIP) for more information.

Map your budget lines to accounts and dimensions in Sage Intacct

Now that you’ve finished adding a new budget group and new budget lines, all you need to do is map your them to your GL Accounts in Intacct. You can do this from the Accounts view in the Actuals > Mapping tab. For more information, go to Map your Sage Intacct accounts and dimensions to our budget in SIP.

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