Using the integration between Sage Intacct and the SIP application, you can drill down to your source budget details from your budget or financial report in Intacct to review your budget assumptions in SIP. Simply enable Web Services and subscribe to Sage Intacct Planning (SIP) from your Company > Admin > Subscriptions menu in Intacct.

๐Ÿ“ The drill-down feature only works on new budgets in Intacct that have been exported from SIP. If you have existing Intacct budgets, they need to be updated before you can use the drill-down functionality. Run the Export budget wizard and select to export your budget data to an existing budget. (To export a new budget from Sage Intacct Planning (SIP) see Export a budget to create a new budget in Intacct, or to update an existing budget see Export your budget data to an existing budget in Intacct.)

Once you have exported a new budget from SIP, you can drill down into the budget amounts that appear in reports - like a financial statement - to open the underlying Budget Report view.

Then, if you want to reconcile the underlying budget assumptions with actual performance, simply click on one of the budget amounts to review the related budget line in the context of your budget from the Inputs tab of SIP. (You may be required to log in with your SIP credentials.)

In this case, if you click on the Revenue - Subscription budget line from the budget report in Intacct, you can see the budget line details and its underlying calculations in the Inputs > Main tab of SIP.

The budget line is displayed in View only mode. If changes have been made to the budget line in your working budget since the last time you exported your budget to Intacct, click on See changes in current version to view what updates have been made to your working budget. Alternatively, exit the saved version to view your working budget.

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