Sage Intacct is pleased to announce SIP release 4.0.0. This release includes new features and resolves miscellaneous issues and bug fixes.

What’s new in this release

In our continuous efforts to meet your needs, significant improvements have been made to the Export my budget to Sage Intacct wizard in Sage Intacct Planning (SIP).

Export to an existing budget in Intacct

If you already have an existing budget in Intacct, you now have the option to add data or replace it. 

More export options

And there’s more! Now when you export your budget from SIP to create a new budget in Intacct or add and/or replace an existing one, you can choose to either:

  • Export to the top level of a company in a multi-entity shared environment 

  • Export to a specific entity of a multi-entity company

  • Export to a consolidated budget

Update missing locations in a multi-currency company

When you export to a multi-currency company, your budget lines are automatically mapped to locations. What if some are missing locations? Now you can map them using the wizard. And keep in mind that budget lines missing locations won’t be exported.

Want to map multiple budget lines to the same location? Simply select the budget lines you want to map and select the location from the drop-down.

Export your comments

If you added comments to your budget lines in SIP, they are now exported automatically and you can see them in your budget in Intacct. The maximum length is up to 200 characters. Keep in mind that only the comment text is exported and not the author and timestamp.

Now you can remove irrelevant budget levels when you modify your budget structure

In the past, SIP let you remove irrelevant account-dimension combinations to help prevent inflated budget structures and contribute to improved usability and user experience when you create a new budget using your data from Intacct. Now, not only can you remove irrelevant budget lines and groups, but you can remove the main budget levels (Revenues, Cost of Revenues, Operational Expenses,  and Other income and expenses) and dimensions that appear at the top of the tree. Budget levels that have had no actuals data during the 12-month period that immediately precedes the current month can be automatically removed.

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