You can work with Sage Intacct Planning (SIP) with a console in Intacct. All of the features in SIP work the same, except for the manner in which you sign in to Intacct using the integration from SIP.

Before you log in to Intacct, make sure that you have Web Services enabled and that you enter the sender ID Budgeta MPP to the sender IDs list. See Configure the Sage Intacct integration for more details.

📝 Web Services authorizations need to be set up in your console’s security configuration, as well as in your company’s security configuration.

From the Sage Intacct integration login, sign in using the following credentials:

Company ID    
ConsoleID|CompanyID (these IDs are case sensitive and must be divided by the pipe character “|”)

User ID
Your user ID in the console

Your password in the console

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