Setting up your budget to support data with different currencies is easy in SIP.

To set additional currencies:

1. Go to the Inputs or Actuals tab. 

2. Click on the Settings ⚙ icon.

3. Click on the Exchange Rates tab.

4. Click on the Select currencies field and choose the currency you want from the drop-down list of all the available currencies.

5. The base currency was determined when you first built your budget. If you want to change your selection, click on the Select base field to select which currency you want to use instead. 

6. In the Manage rates field, select whether you want to use a fixed or monthly exchange rate against the selected base currency rate.

If you select multiple currencies and choose Fixed, the fixed currency value throughout the budget time period for each currency is automatically displayed. You can, however, edit the value at any time.

If you choose Monthly, the monthly average rate for each currency is displayed over the period of your budget. You can edit these values at any time.

7. If you want the actuals and/or scenarios to share the same exchange rate data as your budget, then leave the default selection to Set to budget rates. If you want to define a different set of rates, then deselect the option.

💡 Note that all of the fields in this window are editable.

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