Sage Intacct is pleased to announce the general availability (GA) of version 3.0.0 of SIP.

What's new

At Sage Intacct Planning (SIP), we’re constantly working to improve your budgeting needs and processes. The following improvements are new to Sage Intacct Planning (SIP) release 3.0.0. This release focuses on improvements to setting up your budget structure and auto-populating your new budget when you use the integration with Sage Intacct. Additional improvements to the user interface also provide for a better user experience.

Creating a new budget using the integration with Sage Intacct? Now you can also populate it based on actuals or budget data from Intacct

Now, you can pre-populate your budget with actuals and/or budget data from Sage Intacct when you create your new budget using the integration! Simply follow the initial steps you’re familiar with to create your budget structure and then use the new step to select data to pre-populate your budget. The slider lets you choose which months should be based on actuals and which on the budget.

Want to structure your new budget by dimensions? Drag and drop!

Decide how you want to structure the budget hierarchy of your new budget using the available dimensions and dimension values from your Intacct company. Then, simply drag and drop the dimensions to the budget level. You can build every budget group (revenue, cost of revenues, operating expenses, other) by any dimension.

Drag & drop to set up your budget structure by dimension first!

Now when you create a budget you can set up your budget structure by dimension first. Simply drag & drop the desired dimension to the top! This is especially helpful when you’re creating a budget for multi-entity companies, for example. The default budget levels appear repeatedly for each dimension value of the dimension you selected.

From the Inputs tab, your structure will look similar to the following:

Improved user interface design for better user experience

These improvements include:

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