Sage Intacct Planning (SIP) offers built-in employee benefits, like bonuses, employment taxes, and vacation days. However, you can also add your own benefits using our advanced benefits feature! 

With advanced benefits, you can create benefit rules and add benefits to specific employees. Here's how it's done:

To create a benefits rule, first go to the Inputs tab, and open the budget settings:

Select the Advanced Benefits tab, and click on + Add benefit:

Enter a benefit name, and select whether the benefit is a percentage of the employee salary, or an amount added on top of the salary:

Select when the benefit occurs, and enter an amount or a percentage:

Use the Select Employees section to limit the benefit by the employee attributes, like departments or geographies. If you'd like the benefit to apply to all employees, leave this section empty. Click Save and you're done!

Your benefit will show up in each employee line. Set the preview to "Details" to view all the benefits which apply to the employee:

The benefit can be edited or removed for specific employees or employee groups, from the "Advanced benefits" section in the budget line:

To add a benefit to an employee, click the "Add benefit" button from the employee line. You can also add a benefit to a group of employees using the same button in the "Salary and wages" group:

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