Budget templates are a great tool to help you get started quickly. However, if you're a first time user of Sage Intacct Planning (SIP), we highly recommend that you use our wizard instead; it will guide you through creating your budget and it's the best way to learn about SIP!

To use a budget template, click the "+ New budget" option in the budgets menu:

Then, select the "Use a template" option, and click "Next":

Select the template you'd like to use, click "Next", and the template will be loaded to your account:

You're ready to go! A few tips for getting started:

Use the budget settings to set your budget's date range, currencies, beginning balances, and more: 

Fill in your budget data in budget lines marked "No data":

Add or import your employees and contractors information using the "+" sign:

Customize the budget structure by renaming, moving, or duplicating any budget line:

Fill in your budget assumptions in the model tab:

Check your setup guide for your setup progress: 

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