Release 8.1.0 of Sage Intacct Planning (SIP) included a new feature.

What’s new

You can now schedule a yearly salary increase on an employee’s or contractor’s hiring date.


Till now, you only had the option to schedule a yearly salary increase at the start of your budget’s fiscal year. Now, you can also schedule an increase in salary to occur on each employee’s hiring date.

After entering the salary increase amount, you have the option to select either on the Hiring date or on the Fiscal year start. The fiscal year is set as the default. If you do not select a value, then the value is inherited from the parent in the same way all other fields inherit values from their parent budget lines.

You can configure this option for employees, multiple existing employees, or contractors from either the InputsMain budget line view or the Inputs Table view.

Note: Currently, yearly increase on hiring date isn't applicable on the New hires and New hires from model budget line types.

For more information, see Schedule a yearly salary increase.

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