Release 5.1.0 of Sage Intacct Planning (SIP) included new features, feature enhancements, and resolved a number of bug fixes.

What’s new

New user interface enhancements when you import your budget data from MS Excel

Now when you import budget data from Excel, new enhancements to the Sage Intacct Planning (SIP) user interface provide a more "user-friendly" experience:

  • A step progress bar (with the step name in the tooltip) lets you know where you are in the import and what you have left to do.

  • Collapse (or hide) the management pane so you can see more of your spreadsheet.

  • Change your column widths to match the size of your data, or click Fit to grid to resize the columns to their original widths.

  • Click Back to return to the previous step, without losing the selections you’ve made in the current step.

Display the details of your employee benefits

From the Details view of your cash or P&L preview, you can now click on the drill-down to the left of the Total benefits line to expand your employee benefit details. Here you can see the actual breakdown of the benefits that make up the total cost of your employee salaries. Each component is presented in a new line, such as benefits, taxes, accrued vacation, and bonuses.

For more information, see What happens when you import employee data from Sage Intacct?

New SUM and SUMTOTAL functions in model lines

Currently, when you use the formula editor in a model line to create a SUM formula that contains a combination of model line variables and numeric values and/or assumption variables, your monthly totals are calculated as the sum of the monthly values for the defined date range of each model line variable you select, plus the sum of the numeric and assumption variable values you selected (if any).

The current SUM function maintains its existing functionality, but the name has been automatically changed to SUMTOTAL in all of your existing models of model types Same amount each month, Growth month to month, Previous month value from, and Various amounts. Additionally, a new SUM function has been added with the functionality that you’d expect to see, like in Excel. That is, the new SUM function now uses the monthly value of your model line in calculations, rather than the sum of the monthly values for the entire budget period.

For more information on working with the formula editor, see Use the formula editor in models.

New AND operator condition in tags

Currently, as you add multiple tags to your budget lines, the OR condition is set by default to display the budget data matching at least one of the tags. Now you can display data that matches all of the tags in the Tag field of Advanced benefits, the Per employee expense and Per new employee expense budget lines, and model lines. Just click the Use AND checkbox and the budget data that meets the AND condition is displayed.

For more information on tags, see Dimensions vs tags in Sage Intacct Planning (SIP).

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