Sage Intacct is pleased to announce SIP release 3.1.0. This release includes a couple of new features and resolves miscellaneous issues and bug fixes.

What's new

The following improvements are new to Sage Intacct Planning (SIP) release 3.1.0. This release is a follow-up to SIP 3.0.0 and continues to focus on improvements to creating your new budget for Intacct multi-entity companies when you use the integration with Sage Intacct and populating your budget lines using actuals and budget data. 

Now you can view and populate your budget lines using actuals and budget data

So you used the Create a new budget wizard using your Sage Intacct data and you populated your budget based on actuals and/or previous budget data. Now, you can preview budget vs. past data and populate your budget lines with actuals and budgets from previous fiscal years.

Does your company in Sage Intacct have multiple entities?

When you create a new budget using the integration with Intacct, you can choose to create a budget for either all of the entities in your company, or create a budget for a single entity.

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